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KC IT Consulting connects you with experienced IT professionals to temporarily enhance the skills of your team. We’ll connect you with Kansas City IT contractors, US-based remote workers, or managed offshore staffing depending on your needs and budget. Augment your staff with certified and vetted contractors you can trust to take your business to the next level.


Offshore Development

$ 55 hour
  • KCIT Consulting provides you with managed, global, offshore resources. Only $55/hour* for Senior Engineers. Call for even lower rates for mid-level and junior resources

IT | Dev | BA | PM

$ 85 hour
  • KCIT Consulting matches your need with technical resources with specialized skills and 2-5 years of expertise for only $85 an hour.

Sr Dev | AI | iOT | Cloud

$ 125 hour
  • Local talent, best in their craft. Starting at $125/hour, these are managed senior developers that can oscillate between necessary backfill and consulting.


  • There is a point with every company where you don't even know how to ask the questions that need to be answered. Contact us. We will help you determine the scope of you problem, the impacts, and the resource constraints.

Hiring a short-term or long-term IT staff member is fast and easy with KC IT Consulting

We work with a range of certified software developers, programmers, and IT professionals to augment your current team based on their skills and your company’s needs and office culture. Our pool of talented IT experts has a proven track record working with clients from the start-up level to Fortune 500 corporations.

Software Development

From website coding to building a customized app, we’ve recruited software developers and engineers who can bring your ideas to life. We’ll work with you to discover your company’s unique needs in order to match you with a developer best suited to your project.

KC IT Consulting software developers are fluent in the following computer programming languages:


Whether you need to build a new website or app from scratch, want to make updates to your existing content, or require the development of a brand new computer program to power your business, we’ll match you with a talented software developer who can help you achieve your goals.

When your business requires additional website design or app development, bring in outside help to relieve stress on your current workforce and enhance your current team’s skillset.

How to hire an IT professional through KC IT Consulting

If you want to hire a programmer in Kansas City, the team at KC IT Consulting is here to help. We have interviewed thousands of IT professionals to curate a list of trusted IT freelancers available for short-term or long-term placements.

Whether you need short-term IT resources and vacation coverage, or long-term contractors, KC IT Consulting has a local, remote, or managed offshore solution for your business. We’ll help you set up all of your contract and contract-to-hire IT staffing.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s work together to discover a solution to augment your current IT staff or reimagine your entire IT process.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management

Consolidate your IT resources with the setup, configuration, monitoring, and optimization of a cloud-based management system. Managing the servers, software, network devices, and storage devices can be time-consuming to set up, but the end result allows for scalability and reduces the risk of compromising data.

Bring in a skilled IT administrator to set up your user interface for a short-term project, or manage all of your cloud resources in the long term.

If you haven’t selected cloud computing technology yet, our IT professionals can make a recommendation for you based on your budget and operational needs. We work with developers who have experience setting up and managing Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Technology, and other cloud management systems.

Alternatively, you may choose edge computing over cloud computing in order to save bandwidth and improve response times. If your business relies on technologies without lag time, we’ll match you with a local Kansas City developer who can implement and manage your dedicated server-based systems to capture, aggregate, and analyze data.

IT Project Management and IT Business Analysts

Is your staff is overworked and overstressed? Hire a remote or Kansas City-based IT project manager to streamline your processes and take ownership of your next big project. Reduce the workload of your current team with short-term or long-term IT staffing and watch productivity soar.

Perhaps you have a talented IT department, making great strides on the technological front, and a team of executives, taking your business to the next level. You just need someone to connect the two.


An IT business analyst will assess the functional needs of your business and translate them into an actionable strategy. Your IT business analyst contractor will provide an outside opinion on the aspects of your business that can be improved for optimal performance at the lowest investment.

Subscription-Based Software Management

Businesses rely on a host of software subscriptions to carry out their day-to-day operations. From customer relationship management to digital learning environments, your technology investments make your business run smoothly.

KC IT Consulting can help you find an IT manager to set up and maintain your software subscriptions to make the most of your tech investments.

We’ll match you with an IT professional with expertise in the following areas:

  • CRM (Salesforce, Zoho)
  • CMS (WordPress, Sitecore)
  • LMS (Google Class, Blackboard Learn)
  •  eCommerce (Magento, Wix, Shopify)


Don’t waste time trying to figure out your subscription services on your own. Hire an expert with in-depth knowledge about your current system’s functionality. Are you still deciding between subscription services? Bring in an IT manager to walk you through the process, so you invest in a system that suits your business’s unique needs.


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